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SUNY Upstate Medical University and Hospital participate in many different types of preparedness exercises each year.

Exercises are designed to test or validate policy or procedures, as well as staff competency gained by training courses offered. Preparedness exercises are part of the preparedness cycle known as: plan, train, exercise and evaluate. It is a continuous cycle with one goal in mind, to maintain the highest level of preparedness for a real incident so that it can be mitigated efficiently and effectively, so that the university or campuses can return to normal operations.

Some examples of preparedness exercises:

  • Administrator On Call Tabletop Exercises
  • Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Operational Exercises
  • Emerging Infectious Disease Exercises (Ebola, MonkeyPox, Coronavirus)
  • Mass Notification and Communication Drills

Nurse caring for a mock ebola patient.

Mass casualty exercise.