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Stay alert with SUNY NY alert The critical emergency notification system for SUNY Upstate

*The critical emergency notification system
for Upstate Medical University


SUNY NY Alert is an emergency alert notification system that Upstate Medical University is implementing in conjunction with the State Emergency Management Office (SEMO) and SUNY System Administration. SUNY NY Alert enables Upstate to send out critical emergency information about our campus concurrently through email, phone and text messaging.

The SUNY NY Alert system is just one more tool that can assist us with getting the word out quickly regarding critical incident information. This alert system will complement methods we already use, including broadcast emails, alerts on the Upstate homepage, person-to-person contact, bulletin board postings and local media coverage. The SUNY NY Alert system will be used in critical emergencies.

In what situations might you receive a SUNY NY ALERT?

Any situation where the health and/or human safety at Upstate Medical University is in question may result in the issuance of a notification through the SUNY NY-Alert system. We believe that the majority of critical emergency situations would fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Bomb Threat–based on intelligence that indicates the threat is credible.
  • Fire– large-scale fire to building(s), that endangers campus.
  • Hazardous Material - dangerous material, chemical, biological, nuclear spreading from a contained area.
  • Major Road Closing/Incident–unanticipated event that would disrupt safe passage to and from campus.
  • Medical Emergency–pandemic or event with mass casualties.
  • Personal Safety–situations that include use of weapons, violence, perpetrator(s) at large, active shooter, hostage situation or missing persons. Any situation, on or off campus that, in the judgment of the Chief of Campus Security or designee, constitutes an on-going or continuing threat to person or property.
  • Suspicious Package–reasonable belief that a package may contain chemical, biological or nuclear substance that would cause harm to persons or property.
  • Utility Failure– a major disruption or damage to utilities including gas, electrical or water.
  • Weather–severe weather conditions to include snow/ice/cold, thunderstorm or high wind.

How can I participate?

Faculty and staff can participate by logging on to Self Serve, and clicking on "SUNY NY Alert" under "My Information". This will bring you to a screen where you may enter your contact information, such as email address(es) and/or phone number(s).

Students can participate by logging on to My Upstate. Once logged in, follow the information for signing up for SUNY NY Alert.

What information is required from me to participate?

At least one email address is required to participate. If you have an Upstate email address, the screen will present this as the default primary email address.

How does SUNY NY ALERT work?

Once you complete the online form, your information will be submitted to the SUNY NY Alert secure database. If there is a critical emergency on campus, Upstate officials will notify SUNY NY Alert with appropriate information. You will then be notified by the contact methods you have specified within a very short period of time. This is because SUNY NY Alert has the capability of sending thousands of emails and making thousands of phone calls within minutes.