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Division of Research Mission and Objectives:

Emergency Medicine's service to all individuals regardless of their illness severity, services conducted in the most expedient and effective manner, requires that physicians and related providers have the information to assure appropriate diagnostic and treatment options are applied to the most vulnerable of populations entering the health care system. The Research Division provides support to investigative efforts ranging from the subcelluar to populations and from emergent care to chronic care.

Working as a resource center, the Division provides guidance and support for development, design, implementation and/or reporting of research investigations. These services are provided to all levels of learners and faculty.

Specific services include:

  • Assistance with IRB applications
  • Sourcing grant/foundation funding
  • Study instrument design
  • Data Collection
  • Statistical analysis
  • Reporting designs and modalities
  • Assistance to industry and governmental consulting efforts

Contact Us:
Phone: (315) 464-4363
Email: EMRSRCH@upstate.edu