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Emergency Department Research Assistant Program

Contact: Lauren Pacelli, Research Program Manager, Department of Emergency Medicine
Location: University Hospital
email: pacellil@upstate.edu
Phone: (315) 464-6201


The Emergency Department Research Assistant (EDRA) program is a research methodology volunteer experience in which participants learn about clinical research and medicine through extensive training, emergency department observation, and assistance with ongoing Department of Emergency Medicine research studies.  As an EDRA, you will work closely with emergency department physicians, residents, and nurses to determine patient eligibility and complete study protocols.  Highly motivated volunteers may have additional future research opportunities as well.    

Studies are conducted within the emergency department in order to promote socially responsible medicine and to study basic human issues in medical care.  These research studies are created and directed by departmental faculty, residents, and physicians.  Each study explores a different topic, but all share a common goal of gaining a better understanding of medical and social issues affecting emergency patients.  

In order to be considered for the EDRA program, candidates must submit an application (details below).  After all information is received, interviews will be granted to those deemed suitable for the role.  Please read all the information and policies before you apply as the EDRA program has become increasingly competitive and requires a substantial commitment.