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EMS and Disaster Medicine Physician Response Team

The Department of Emergency Medicine, in cooperation with University Hospital and SUNY Upstate Medical University, provides field response by specially qualified EMS physicians in cases of MCI or disaster. EMS and Fire agencies may also call for the on-call EMS physician to respond to assist with unusual or difficult calls. Prehospital providers can practice in a more efficient and advanced manor when the EMS physician arrives due to the fact that all of the Physician Response Team members have been specially authorized by the Regional Medical Director to provide on-scene medical direction. When the patient cannot be transported immediately to the hospital, the team can bring specialized care to the field.

Upstate Squad 1

PRT vehicle

The Team operates a specially equipped Emergency Ambulance Support Vehicle (EASV) to allow for safe and efficient response of the on-call EMS physician. The vehicle can deliver multiple physicians and if necessary is equipped with UHF/VHF and digital truncated radios. Upstate Squad 1 (US1) carries EMS equipment and specialized gear for the EMS physician to perform emergency procedures in the field.

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), Research, & Education

In addition to the clinical care and on-scene medical direction provided by Response Team members, other equally important missions are fulfilled by the EMS physicians in the field. Direct observation of the system provides REMAC member physicians with the real time information required to develop protocol improvements and assist in CQI. Case reviews and MCI debriefing leads to educational content development. Members of the Team provide the core content for the annual EMS Symposium. Team members also engage in research projects that are guided by experiences in the field and direct input from prehospital providers is always welcome.

Team Physicians