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Meet Chris Tanski, the Syracuse doctor running Javits, NYC’s massive makeshift coronavirus hospital

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the New York Health Department turned to Tanski for help. It needed someone to lead the medical response at the 1,000-bed makeshift hospital at the Javits Convention Center on the banks of the Hudson River.

“They’re sort of borrowing me from Upstate right now,” he said.

New York City has emerged as the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly 800 people die every day in the city, and more than 10,000 have died total. The breadth of the illness has overwhelmed hospitals and medical staff.

To offer relief, the state and federal governments mobilized to build makeshift hospitals, like the one at Javits. Doctors and nurses from around the state have been flocking to the city to staff those hospitals, along with a huge military presence.

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