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Employees Recognized for Milestone Years of Service

Emergency Medicine Employees accept recognition. Pictured here are LaToya Pointer and Cynthia Sidari (5 years), Aaalim Thabet (10 years) and Trina Skeele (20 years)
Please join us in congratulating the following Emergency Medicine employees who have reached milestone years as of June 30, 2019:

Trina Skeele‐ 20 Years
Erin Hanley‐ 15 Years
Lingappa Amernath‐ 10 Years
Risa Farber‐Heath‐ 10 Years
Ross Sullivan‐ 10 Years
Asalim Thabet‐ 10 Years
Tyler Greenfield‐ 5 Years
Elizabeth Nicholas‐ 5 Years
LaToya Pointer‐ 5 Years
Deepali Sharma‐ 5 Years
Cynthia Sidari ‐ 5 Years