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Focus: Simultaneous evaluation and management of multiple ED patients and development of procedural skills
Clinical Training Sites: University Hospital, EM-STAT, St. Joseph's, Crouse, VA Hospital, Upstate University Hospital Community Campus

The clinical schedule consists of 13 four-week blocks.

Adult ED (7 blocks)

St. Joseph's ED (1 block)

VA ED (1 block)

Elective (1 block)

Elective opportunities at SUNY Upstate EM are highly flexible and can be tailored to the individual interests of the resident. Elective rotations residents have completed in the past include but are not limited to:

  • International Medicine
  • Dedicated Research
  • ED Ultrasound
  • Emergency Medical Services, including ground and air-based services
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics

US & Adult ED (1 block)

  • Length: 2 weeks (2 weeks in the Adult ED complete this four-week block)
  • Location: University Hospital
  • Description: This block serves as a continuation of the Ultrasound block during EM-1 year to provide another 2 weeks of dedicated ultrasound education and experience.

Medical ICU (1 block)

  • Location: Crouse Hospital MICU
  • Description: EM-2's serve as senior residents on the ICU team at Crouse Hospital, which takes care of a large number of critically ill medical patients, as well as rounding on critically ill neurosurgery, neurology/stroke, and surgical patients. Skills developed include general care of the critically ill patient, ventilator management, vasoactive infusion management, and various skills and procedures such as central line placement.

Medical Toxicology (1 block)

  • Location: Upstate NY Poison Center, University Hospital
  • Description: Residents serve as a member of the consulting toxicology team. This provides residents with significant experience in seeing poisoning and other toxicology cases in every stage from the acute and undifferentiated arrival in the ED to the followup care of ICU and floor patients. Daily educational activities include daily rounding and discussion of local toxicology cases, EMSTAT patient simulations, lectures from well-known toxicologists, and toxicology webinars and case discussions with poison centers and toxicologists around the country. As Upstate NY's only poison control center, a wide variety of toxicology cases are handled by the Upstate's toxicology team, providing an extensive educational opportunity.