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Clinical Education

Resident education occurs in Syracuse, New York at Upstate Medical University Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Crouse Hospital, the VA Hospital, and Community General Hospital. Clinical training at these sites provides our residents with unique patient interactions and prepares them for life as an attending in any setting, rural, community, or academic emergency departments.

Weekly Conference

In addition to clinical shifts, our residents have protected conference time every Wednesday. Conference includes reviewing material from Tintinalli’s textbook, preparation for the boards and inservice exams, simulations and procedure labs. We go through Tintinalli’s textbook two times throughout the 3 years of residency; this intentional redundancy allows for repetition of core material. In addition, our residents have access to an online library full of academic textbooks and the full resources of the Upstate Medical Uniersity Health Sciences Library.


To prepare our residents for the high acuity patients that come through the emergency department, we run high-fidelity simulations with them. Our residents also spend time creating simulations for their colleagues and the medical students rotating through the emergency department.

Journal Club

Residents participate in our journal club once a month, when important EM literature is analyzed to help shape our practice.

Trauma Drill, Resuscitation Drill

The Trauma Conference is an interdisciplinary conference involving EM faculty, residents, nurses, Trauma Surgery faculty and residents, as well as Pre-hospital Emergency Medical providers. In an open-forum/question and answer session, cases encountered in the ED are presented by residents and reviewed from field to disposition. Emphasis is placed on important learning points illustrated by the patient's injuries and/or management issues. The strong interactive and mutually supportive relationship between Upstate's Trauma Surgery Service and the Department of Emergency Medicine is strengthened by this conference.