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EMS and Paramedic Training

EMS Week, 2020

What is EMS?

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a system that provides emergency medical care to a patient who has sustained an illness or injury and requires medical care and/or transportation for further care. That transportation may be local, or to another region, if needed, by whatever vehicle gets the patient where they need to be.

EMS providers are trained medical professionals with multiple levels of training. While the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is the most common, our community is also served by Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMT) and by Paramedics, who are the most highly trained prehospital care providers.

EMS providers make a difference in our communities, one patient encounter at a time.

Urban or rural, commercial or civic agency, EMS providers all started their careers with that first class. We're pleased to offer that first class and proud to offer every course you'll need in your EMS career.

NHTSA Office of EMS

The Department of Emergency Medicine offers a wide variety of training programs that prepare students to work in the streets as prehospital emergency medical care providers. Prehospital personnel have enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for providing consistently high levels of emergency medical care and customer service.

Our education program offers the entire spectrum of courses for those people looking for a career or simply wishing to volunteer time and service to their communities. These include original and refresher courses for the following levels:

All courses are sanctioned by the New York State Department of Health and follow national standard curriculum guidelines. Successful completion of these programs results in a three-year certification by the State of New York.