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Wellness Committee

Compared to the general population, Emergency Medicine physicians have the highest rates of burnout among all the medical specialties.  Burnout is defined as a triad of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and decreased personal achievement.  Burnout can predispose the physician to physical and mental health issues.  Burnout is also associated with increased medical error and professionalism struggles.


Focusing on EM physician wellness will create healthier lifestyles, more satisfying careers, less medical error, and improve patient care outcomes.


The Upstate Emergency Medicine Department offers the following to improve physicians and staff wellness:

  1. Leadership support and appreciation
  2. Mindfulness techniques to promote wellness
  3. Resiliency support and training
  4. Engagement and peer support groups
  5. Promotional advancement support
  6. Scheduling adjustments to minimize the negative effects of shift work and sleep deprivation
  7. Financial and retirement planning
  8. Social events
  9. Unconscious bias training
  10. Hospital wellness resources


The Upstate Emergency Medicine team is invested in improving physician and staff wellness.