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Professional/Support Staff

Name Position Email
Brittany Arensman, MPH Research Coordinator [email protected]
Jodi Butterfield Administrative Coordinator [email protected]
Maureen Corcoran, RHIT Lead Medical Coder [email protected]
Michelle DeBellis, RHIT Medical Coder [email protected]
Carlene Dewane, CPA Business and Office Manager [email protected]
Denise Dexter Administrative Coordinator [email protected]
Anne Ellison, BS Research Coordinator [email protected]
Robert Finger, Jr. BS, RRT, EMT-P, CIC EMS Adv. Program Coord & Paramedic Lead Instructor [email protected]
Rodney Freeman, MA Operations Manager [email protected]
Stan Goettel, MPA Manager, Life Support and PAD Programs [email protected]
Tisha Hanson, MBA Assistant Business Manager [email protected]
Rose Harrington, RHIT Medical Coder [email protected]
Courtney Hines Administrative Coordinator [email protected]
Kristy Holcomb, RHIT Medical Coder [email protected]
Naomi Krebs, BS, EMT-P, CIC EMS Clinical Coordinator [email protected]
Rosemarie More Sr. Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Trina Northardt, RN, BSN Director of Patient Safety [email protected]
Lauren Pacelli, RN, BS Research Program Manager [email protected]
Anne Peer Sr. Administrative Assistant, Assistant to the Chair [email protected]
Elaine Pohl, RHIT Medical Coder [email protected]
LaToya Pointer, RHIT Medical Coder [email protected]
Douglas Sandbrook, MA, EMT-P, CIC EMS Program Director/EMS Liaison [email protected]
Angela Scalise Account Analyst [email protected]
Cynthia Sidari Administrative Coordinator [email protected]
Larry Slosberg Instructional Support Technician [email protected]
Cindy Spuches, CPC Medical Coder [email protected]
Katrina Vassar Administrative Coordinator [email protected]
Kara Welch Residency Program Coordinator [email protected]
Mildred Williams, RHIT Medical Coder [email protected]
Jessica Wisniewski Residency Specialist / Fellowship Coordinator [email protected]