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Web Conferencing

If you need to meet with an individual or several people online, web conferencing is a user-friendly and flexible way to present people and content and conduct online discussions.  We are highly recommending the use of Cisco Webex for web conferencing for most applications.  We also have Zoom accounts available.  Web conferencing applications also allow you to record a presentation or meeting, with or without other participants.

Cisco Webex

  • All Upstate users now have access to a Webex account
  • Install Webex from Software Center
  • Simply go to upstate.webex.com and sign in with your Upstate username and password.
  • If you receive an error stating "invalid username or password" please contact the helpdesk.
  • Allows you to sign in to your account with your Upstate credentials
  • Is user-friendly and allows host and/or participants to share screens and use webcams.
  • Is HIPAA compliant for telemedicine applications
  • Is integrated into Blackboard for instructors teaching or meeting online.

Webex Upgrade Information


  • Edcomm has a limited number of Zoom licenses available.
  • Please contact Rachael Kim [email protected] for additonal information.


Contact Ed Comm to schedule assistance with a live web-based conference if you would like to host an event from one of our rooms on campus.

Contacting Ed Comm for more help and information