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What is YuJa?

The Yuja Enterprise Video Platform is the video content management System used by Upstate Medical University. It is used to record and make videos available for viewing. Videos can include:

  • classroom lectures
  • meetings and presentations
  • screen capture recordings
  • and any other videos for teaching, training and information

Yuja is integrated with Brightspace, making it easy for you to add videos to your course, and easy for students to view the videos directly in Brightspace. Videos can be made available in a specific location within a course, via a course channel (gallery), or both.


YuJa Overview

The following video provides a brief overview of the most common capabilities of YuJa including organizing, uploading, editing, publishing, and sharing media.

 The YuJa Video Management Platform includes features like:

  • Sharing videos with
    • Brightspace courses
    • Upstate Students, Faculty and Staff Only
    • Individual Users or Groups
    • The World
  • Drag-n-drop video uploads
  • Video player viewable on desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and iPads
  • Automatic Closed Captioning
  • Advanced Video Editor
    • Cut beginning, middle and end
    • Add video, images and text overlays
    • Index the video
    • Check caption quality - highlights words that need to be reviewed
    • Edit Closed Captions


Getting Started with YuJa

YuJa accounts are available for all Upstate faculty, staff and students. Accounts are automatically created when you sign into YuJa.


Signing into YuJa

There are two ways to sign into YuJa:

Access YuJa outside of Brightspace (use this option if you do not teach with Brightspace):

  1. Go to https://upstate.video.yuja.com/.
  2. On the right side of the window, make sure Login Using: SUNY Upstate Medical University SSO is selected, then click Login.
  3. If requested, enter your Upstate credentials.

Access YuJa via Brightspace (use this option if you teach with Brightspace):

  1. Enter a course in which you have an Instructor Role.
  2. Click Course Tools in the NavBar, and select YuJa Media Library.


Getting Help with YuJa

For assistance using YuJa:

Additional information can be found in the YuJa Help Center.


Uploading a Video to YuJa

Users can upload files using “Drag-and-Drop” or through the “Upload” interface. See YuJa’s article on Manually Uploading Media Content for step-by-step instructions.

Watch the Manually Upload Media Video (2:13)


Sharing your YuJa Video

There are three ways to share videos in YuJa:

  1. One-to-one Sharing – share with a colleague
  2. Publishing to Media Channels – Share with everyone at Upstate, a specific college, department, course, or team.
  3. Sharing Media through Direct Links or Embed Codes – Caution!! This option makes your videos viewable by the anyone with the link. Be sure to review and update the security settings before sharing.

YuJa’s article Sharing Media provides step-by-step instructions for sharing media in the three ways listed above.

Watch the Sharing Media Video (3:55)


Watching YuJa Media

 YuJa videos can be viewed in any browser or on any mobile device. The YuJa media player is fully accessible and offers a variety of customizable options for viewing and interaction with the video. View the following video for an introduction to the media player features.

Watch the Watching Media Video (3:28)


Recording Lectures with YuJa

The YuJa's Software Capture platform is easy to use for recording lectures and micro-lessons right from your desktop. When you finish recording a lecture, you will have the option to delete or save the video. If you choose to save the video, it will be automatically uploaded to your YuJa library.


YuJa's Software Capture

YuJa's Software Capture provides flexibility in how you record lectures, presentations, etc.:

  • Use up to 2 video sources, or turn video off
  • Use up to 2 Audio sources, or turn audio off
  • Capture the screen
  • Annotate the screen (available in Software Capture for Windows only)

Watch: Using the YuJa Software Capture for PC Application (2:37)

The Software Capture software is available for use via your Internet browser or installed on the Windows or Mac computer.

Educational Communications is working with IMT to make this software available for self-install through Software Center for Upstate managed windows and Upstate Apps for managed mac computers.


YuJa's Video Editor

YuJa's video editor allows you to edit videos that have been uploaded or created with Yuja's Software Capture software.


Using the Video Editor

The following video provides a brief overview of the editing features available.

Watch the Using the Video Editor Video (3:10)


Editing Features

The YuJa video editor provides a variety of editing features including:

  • Edit Closed Captions - add, change, and delete captions or alter the timestamp associated with a caption. Also includes a Captioning Confidence Score - to help you quickly identify potential errors in automated captions.
  • Video Indexes - add, change and delete indexes, or alter the timestamp associated with an index. Indexes enable headings that allow users to quickly skip to a specific portion or chapter of a video. These are especially useful for long recordings or when you want your audience to view a specific portion of a video.
  • Cut tool - remove the beginning, a portion in the middle or the end of video.
  • Insert a slide - create a title card for your video or insert a slide to provide new information over a port ion of a media file.
  • Insert a Text Overlay - add supplemental information over a portion of the video.
  • Add Telestrations - draw directly on your media to help to accent key information.
  • Image tools - insert watermarks, blur portions of an image or add a virtual background.
  • Insert a video - insert another video into your media.
  • Adjust Audio Levels - adjust the volume for specific segments in a video
  • Remove a Video Stream - remove one stream from a multi-stream media recording.

Information on each editing feature can be reviewed in YuJa’s overview of editing features.