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Conference Room and Classroom Scheduling in 25Live

Follow these simple steps to request room reservations at the Downtown Campus - Hospital East Tower, and Academic buildings. Please note that this process is intended for single occurrence meetings, events, etc. Meetings with multiple occurrences, in “direct-reserve” rooms can also be reserved in this way. This form does NOT replace the current procedures for reserving full-semester academic courses, Student organization meetings, or study spaces. While many campus spaces are available to view/request/reserve in 25 Live, some spaces are not.

  1. Navigate to https://25live.collegenet.com/upstate in either Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  2. Sign in to 25Live using your Upstate single sign-on credentials. (same as your e-mail)
  3. Click on the “Create an Event” button.
  4. Complete the simple form to request or directly reserve spaces across the downtown campus.

Please see the below Form Instructions for information on how to complete each field of the reservation form.

  1. Event Name = the name of your department/the name of your meeting or event. i.e., “Neurology/Staff Meeting”
  2. Select an event type from the drop down menu.
  3. Expected Head Count – Please fill with an estimated number of attendees.
  4. Select the date(s) and time(s) of your meeting.
  5. You can use the calendar to select multiple dates for your sessions by clicking all requested dates individually, or by using the repeating pattern button.
  6. Use Locations Search to find an available room for your meeting. You can search by building name, common building abbreviations such as “UH, NWI, SET, WH, NAB, IHP etc., or by specific room numbers if you know them.
  7. Available locations will show with either a blue Request Now button, or a green Reserve Now button. Please see information below for more on this designation.
  8. You are the default Requestor in the Contact Roles section.
  9. Click Save

Reservation submissions for locations that show the Blue Request Now button, will need to be approved by the locations designated schedulers, before your reservation is confirmed. If you select one of these spaces, please wait for a confirmation e-mail from the scheduler before advertising your meeting.

Submissions for locations that show the Green Reserve Now button are “direct-reserve” spaces, and do not require further approval or confirmation. Once the event is successfully saved in 25Live, you may advertise your meeting.

Please contact Educational Communications at [email protected] or 315-464-4860 if you need support for 25Live, or have questions about room reservations in general. Educational Communications is open Monday-Friday, 7:30am-5:00pm.