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Technology Options for Hosting Online Events

If your meeting, seminar or event cannot be held on campus (weather, pandemic, etc.), these considerations and potential solutions are offered to assist you in mitigating the loss of meeting time. The recommendations made below are based on tools that IMT-Educational Communications is ready to support. Contact Ed Comm at 315-464-4860, or fill out our work request form to discuss your needs.

General Tips to help you prepare

  • You may want to record presentations and make the recordings available for participants to watch at their convenience, rather than hold a live event.
    See below for more information.
  • If you would like to hold a live event, think about where presenters will be during the conference. One can present from home or office, and multiple presenters can be in different locations. We have some good options for meeting in real time (see below).
  • Consider the need for interactivity. You can meet interactively, with live discussions and questions, or you can stream an event without feedback from viewers. Or, you can stream the event with live feedback via typed questions to a moderator or host.
  • If your event is a series, and your participants are from Upstate, consider using Blackboard. Blackboard provides many options for disseminating and collecting information, initiate live meetings and access recordings, etc. To learn how to leverage Blackboard for your needs, take a look at our REMOTE TEACHING page.

What are my options for delivering presentations remotely?

Asynchronous: Record and provide access to the recording.

  1. Zoom, WebEx or Screencast-O-Matic will let you record presentations from your desktop. When recordings are complete, you have options regarding where the recording is hosted. You may provide Ed Comm access to upload the recording to the Kaltura media system at Upstate, or you can upload to YouTube. Contact Ed Comm for help.
  2. Contact Ed Comm to schedule assistance with a recording on location or in studio.

Live webcasts and meetings

  1. Zoom or WebEx can be used to deliver presentations synchronously, or to meet and facilitate discussions. You can share your screen and see and hear other participants. Participants are sent a link and can join from any device.
    • New Zoom Accounts
    • Getting started guide for Zoom participants
    • Webex can be accessed through BlackBoard, or you can contact Ed Comm to request an account.
    • What tools do I need for these options?
      1. Headset with built in microphone or ear buds
      2. Web camera to be seen online.
      3. Computer with good Internet connectivity.
    • Contact Ed Comm to schedule assistance with a live web-based conference if you would like to host an event from one of our rooms on campus.

    Contacting Ed Comm for more help and information