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At this time our ECHO program offers two types of CME credits. We are hoping to offer more in the very near future, please continue to check back frequently for updates. Please read ALL INFORMATION below before requesting CMEs credit/transcripts.

Any questions regarding CMEs or to request a transcript you must email: [email protected]

AMA-PRA Category 1CME

These credits are offered for all clinics. They are not supported by all credentialing bodies, but are often counted as an attendance credit. If you are unsure if they will count for your needs, please check with your accrediting body.

To receive a transcript of your claimed CMEs you will need to email [email protected] and request one. To receive a CME you need attend the ECHO session, and then complete the CME survey (one for each clinic you attend).

I only log the attendance with the CME office at the end of each month It usually takes them about two weeks from there to get it all uploaded into their system. So, if you attend a clinic at the beginning of the month, it is going to be about a 4-6 weeks before I can provide you a transcript showing that clinic.

I am not able to alter attendance records more than a month old. If you fill out a CME form for a clinic that took place months ago, I cannot update that credit.

These transcripts are not automatically generated, the only way to receive it is to request it by emailing [email protected].

EMS/EMT Credits

These are provided through CNYEMS. To obtain these credits you must attend the ECHO session and then fill out the specific EMS/EMT CME survey/form. I wait 1-2 days and then send the attendance record over to CNYEMS and they will send your credit/transcript to the email you provided in the survey.

Currently, these credits ar ONLY AVAILABLE FOR OUR BURN ECHO. I cannot provide these credits for any of the other ECHO clinics at this time. If you fill out the EMT/EMS survey for any other clinic it will not be sent on to the accrediting body. When other clinics are available for EMT/EMS credits, I will alert the list serve.

Also, these credits are only available to those in NYS. For those outside of NYS, it will depend on the state the provider is in, and how they utilize the CME credit.

Nursing CMEs

I'm working to be able to offer these in the next few months.  When these begin it will not be all clinics to start.  More information coming…