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Closing, Special Thanks, and a Word About Food

A word about food

Typically we end out annual celebration with a soul food lunch.  The committee considered long and hard about how to include food with this year's celebration.   Because COVID as impacted our event as it has everything in the world around us, it was not feasible this year.  This doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a soul food lunch and we encourage you to visit a local eatery for a meal.  These are small businesses that have been hit especially hard by the pandemic and if we don't support out local businesses, they will not be around to serve us in the future.  The businesses listed here are not an endorsement or advertisement, they are listed merely as a source of information for you to continue the tradition of food at the end of the event.


Miss Prissy’s

Salt City Market

484 S. Salina St

Syracuse, NY 13202


Solutions – Sley’s Southern Cuisine

Salt City Market

484 S. Salina St

Syracuse, NY 13202


Winnie’s Soul Delicious

123 Marshall St

Syracuse, NY 13210


Chi’ Soul Food

2859 S. Salina St

Syracuse, NY 13205


Who Want Smoke BBQ

435 N. Salina St

Syracuse, NY, NY 13203


Creole Soul Café

5980 Butternut Dr
East Syracuse, NY 13057

(315) 928-7885


Kevi’s Treats

(315) 380-2224




Special thanks to the all of the people who came together to make this event happen:


Betty and Richard Levy

            Pete Thomas

Bridget McCarthy

Rev. Joseph Smith

Carl Thomas


Ryan Greene

Chevelle Jones-Moore, LMSW


Rychard and Daryll C. Dykes, PhD, MD, JD

Connie Gregory


Sean Patterson

Dajanae Worley


Sharon Brangman, MD

David VanWie


Simone Seward

Harry E. Taylor, PhD


Steve Garlock

Helen Hudson


Susan Keeter

Katie King


Suzanne Badman

Mantosh Dewan, MD


Tree Carter

Nakeia Chambers


United Way of Central New York

Upstate's Pediatric Sickle Cell Program