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Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

The Investigators at the Center for Vision Research (CVR) have different areas of expertise and often collaborate on projects and publications. SUNY Upstate's vision researchers also work with other vision scientists throughout the world.

"We're very diverse in our approaches and interests, but what brings us together is the desire to solve these problems. The diversity is the key to our success."
— Michael Zuber, PhD

Retinal Cellular and Developmental Biology


William Brunken, PhD

Francesca Pignoni, PhD

Andrea Viczian, PhD

Michael Zuber, PhD

Reyna Martinez-De Luna, PhD

Huaiyu Hu, PhD

William J. Spencer, PhD

                                                                                                   Levi Todd, PhD


Retinal and Central Visual System Physiology and Biophysics


Peter Calvert, PhD

Barry Knox, PhD E

Eduardo Solessio, PhD

Dan Tso, PhD

Darwin Babino, PhD

Ocular disease and investigative therapeutics  

BernsteinAudrey Bernstein, PhD

Preethi Ganapathy, MD, PhD

Samuel Herberg, PhD

Robert Fechtner, MD