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Outreach and Preventative Programming

Student Counseling Services offers a variety of educational, interactive presentations on topics related to mental health, wellbeing, and preventative self-care. These include, but aren’t limited to, those listed below. SCS also provides outreach programming tailored to the specific needs of individual academic departments/colleges or student groups upon request. For more information please contact [email protected].

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Suicide Education and Prevention

SCS provides QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) gatekeeper training to students, faculty, and staff. QPR teaches participants how to assess whether someone is potentially suicidal and to intervene to assist that person.

Stress Reduction

This workshop offers practical strategies to reduce short-term and long-term stress.

Avoiding Professional Burnout

This workshop offers education about professional burnout, its causes, and strategies to prevent it.

Recognizing Mental Health Problems and How to Seek Help

This workshop offers an overview of some common mental health conditions and how to know when professional help might be appropriate.

Wellness and Wellbeing

This workshop and associated lunch and learn series provides an overview of wellness/wellbeing, strategies to promote wellbeing, and the risk of forced or "toxic" positivity in the effort to stay well.

Improving Sleep

This presentation and associated quarterly webinar provide education about the basics of sleep and practical, evidence-based strategies to improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia.

Test Anxiety

This workshop offers practical strategies to prevent and combat anxiety about test-taking.

The Impact of the Culture of Medicine on Mental Health

This outreach explores the often-deleterious influence of the "hidden curriculum" of medicine and the biological sciences on the mental health and wellbeing of students, faculty, and staff.

How to Assist Distressed Students (for faculty and staff)

This presentation offers strategies for intervening appropriately and effectively when students are struggling with mental health or other personal issues that are impeding their academic progress.

Service Overviews

This presentation provides a brief overview of the Student Counseling Service and how to access services.

Support and Therapy Groups

SCS offers a variety of therapeutic and educational group experiences for students. Please see our Services page for more information.