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Student Professionalism: College of Medicine

Student enrollment in the College of Medicine demands a level of personal honor and integrity that ensures the provision of quality health care.

Professionalism is a cornerstone of the profession and physicians are held to a high standard of performance. The professionalism policy provides a mechanism for faculty members to submit reports about either unprofessional or exemplary professional behavior to a curriculum dean or the Academic Review Board (ARB) that represents the faculty's commitment to standards of behavior and accomplishment. The curriculum dean or ARB compiles and evaluates "incident reports" brought to their attention and then recommends intervention or disciplinary action as appropriate. Such action may range from restrictions or counseling to suspension or dismissal, depending on the severity of the infraction. In the cases of positive reports of professionalism, the Office of Student Affairs and/or the appropriate curriculum deans will be informed.

  1. Medical Professionalism in the New Millennium: A Physician Charter
  2. Faculty Code of Professional Behavior
  3. Professionalism Policy
  4. Professionalism Commendation/Concern Report
  5. Student Code of Conduct
  6. Compact Between Resident Physicians and Their Teachers