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Policy and Procedures on Learning Environment and Mistreatment

Report Mistreatment

An environment that optimizes learning and is built on respect and dignity is our expectation. The way we treat other (faculty, students, residents, staff) either realizes this expectation or it interferes with the learning process. Discrimination, humiliation and harassment simply can't be tolerated.

Policy on Learning Environment and Mistreatment

The College of Medicine is committed to creating and maintaining a learning environment that supports and encourages a culture of respect between teacher and learner. The College ensures that the learning environment of its medical education program is conductive to the ongoing development of explicit and appropriate professional behaviors in its medical students, faculty, and staff at all locations and is one in which all individuals are treated with respect. The Policy on Learning Environment and Mistreatment outlines expectations for behavior that leads to an appropriate learning environment and mitigates the risk of student mistreatment. This policy also defines unprofessional behavior and student mistreatment; and it outlines reporting procedures for incidents of student mistreatment.

An appropriate student learning environment should foster professional growth, support academic achievement, and encourage the attainment of educational goals. Upstate's learning environment should model professionalism and civility and be characterized by professional behaviors. All members of the Upstate Medical University community, including faculty, staff, and learners attest to the Upstate Code of Conduct and should demonstrate the values prescribed therein. Breaches in professional behavior threaten the learning environment and will not be tolerated.

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