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Discrimination, Harassment & Sexual Violence

In July 2015, Governor Cuomo signed his "Enough is Enough" legislation to combat relationship violence on college and university campuses.  Here at Upstate, we believe this law underscores our philosophy that, as a community, our attention must be directed to building a culture in which harassment, relationship violence, sexual assault, and stalking simply are not tolerated.  And, when an incident does occur, our culture must be one in which students feel supported, are presented with multiple options for reporting, and have access to services they may want or need.  It will take every member of our community to ensure and maintain this culture.  We must all be dedicated and vigilant to the cause.  Enough is enough and each of us has the right to thrive on our campus and to learn and teach in a safe environment.

On these pages are important policies, processes, and resources related to harassment, relationship violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

Information regarding harassment and discrimination complaints including definitions, processes and procedures, and additional resources can be found on the Office of Institutional Equity website:  https://www.upstate.edu/equity/policies-and-procedures/complaints/