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International Student FAQs

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Does SUNY Upstate Medical University accept internationals students on an F-1 visa?

Yes, SUNY Upstate Colleges of Graduate Studies, Health Professions and the College of Medicine accept international students. The College of Nursing no longer accepts students on an F-1 visa, as its curriculum has moved to being nearly completely on-line and exceeds the distance-learning limits for international students.

Do I need to submit my I-20 application when I submit my Admissions application?

No, if you are accepted to a program of study that does not offer a stipend, you’ll be required to complete and submit an I-20 application and SUNY International Student Financial Statement along with supporting financial documentation to the International Student Advisor.

How do I maintain my legal F-1 status while I'm in the U.S?

You must enroll in a full-time course load and only one distance education course every semester, have your unexpired I-20 form signed at least once a year by the International Student Advisor, and report any mailing address changes to your PDSO – International Student Advisor within 10 days.

Can I work on campus?

Yes, you may work on-campus in a job related to your program of study. The job may be part-time up to 20 hours per week when school is in session and full-time up to 40 hours during school breaks and holidays.

Am I required to purchase the SUNY sponsored International Student Health Insurance?

Yes, if you are an F-1 student not receiving a stipend you are required to purchase the SUNY Sponsored International Student Health Insurance.

If I have a spouse or child, are they eligible to apply for an F-2 dependent visa?

Yes, you would do with through the I-20 application or contact the International Student Advisor to add a dependent if you’re already a matriculated student.

Am eligible to apply for a U.S. social security number?

You’re eligible to apply for a U.S. social security number if you already have a bona fide employment offer.

Do I need to have a U.S. Driver License to be able to drive in the U.S.?

It’s not necessary to apply for a NYS driver license if you do not intend to permanently reside in NYS.  You are legal to drive in NYS if you have a valid international driver license from your home country and either a certified translation of your driver license or valid International Driving permit.