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Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical training is an employment benefit available to be used by students on an F-1 visa before they have completed their course of study. These regulations for CPT apply to all students in F-1 status those who were in the United States on or before January 1, 2003 and those who entered after that date.


Students in F-1 status must have been lawfully enrolled in school on a full-time basis for at least one full academic year before becoming eligible for practical training. CPT must be undertaken prior to the completion of a course of study. Exceptions exist for Graduate Studies students whose programs require immediate curricular training.

NOTE: CPT may be required or recommended

Effect on Other Employment

Students who complete 12 or more months of full-time curricular practical training will be ineligible for optional practical training. To continue to be eligible for OPT you will want to make sure to do 364 days or less of full-time CPT.


Students may engage in CPT for the specific employer, location and period of time approved by the International Student Advisor. A new CPT request will be required if there is a change of employers or if the employment is to be continued beyond the requested end date.


There is no fee to apply for curricular practical training.

Steps to Request CPT

The following items are needed to process an application for curricular practical training:

  1. Recommendation for Curricular Practical Training received from Academic Advisor.
  2. Offer letter from CPT employer on their official letterhead.
    The letter needs to include:
    • Employer Name
    • Employer Address
    • Supervisors Name
    • Supervisors contacting information including email address
    • the starting and ending dates of the employment
    • number of hours per week
    • a brief description of duties to be performed.
  3. Once the recommendation curricular practical training application is complete, Jennifer Abbott, the International Student Advisor, will update the SEVIS record and print a copy of the new SEVIS I-20 form, which shows that the curricular practical training has been authorized for the specific employer. The SEVIS I-20 will be given to the student. Students should not begin curricular practical training before their International Student has requested CPT in SEVIS, and before they have received the revised I-20.
  4. The student must request a new request authorization for a new request for Curriccular Practical Training from the International Student Advisor, if their employer will change from the original CPT authorization request.