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Annual Health Assessments (AHA)

In accordance with the New York State Health Code, Section 405.3, the health status of each employee, volunteer, student and affiliate is reassessed as frequently as necessary, but no less than annually, to ensure personnel are free from health impairments which pose potential risk to patients or personnel, or which may interfere with the performance of duties.

Annual Health Assessments (AHA) provide us with the knowledge of any changes to your health status that have occurred in the preceding year. AHA consists of a health and wellness screening, tuberculin skin testing (if required), Mask-fit testing (if required), and review for any needed updates to your immunizations.  Appointments may conveniently be scheduled by accessing our health portal at https://eshportal.upstate.edu/.  
Please Note: AHA's cannot be done on Thursdays if a tuberculin skin test is required.