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Payment Options/Refunds

Payments can be made in person at the Bursar's Office, Room 200, second floor located in the Campus Activities Building.  If mailing your payment, please send to SUNY Upstate Medical University, Student Accounts, Room 200 CAB, 155 Elizabeth Blackwell St., Syracuse, NY  13210.

We accept:

  • Cash: Maximum amount accepted is $9,000.00
  • Checks: Payable to SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Canadian Checks: Maximum amount accepted is $25,000 in U.S. dollars
  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover).
  • Online Payments-choose the Pay Bill Online tab on the menu to the left. This will connect directly to your MyUpstate account. Select the student services tab and review your bill. To pay, click on the PAY NOW button.
  • SUNY Upstate Monthly payment plan-administered by the Bursar's Office.
  • Payment by Financial Aid-Once Financial Aid has placed an award on your account, you must accept the award before a deferment can be used for your tuition bill.
  • Outside Scholarship/Waiver Awards-The student must bring a copy of the letter or check to the Bursar's Office in person before the award is placed on their student account.

Payment must reach the Bursar's Office by the payment due date.(Please note there is a separate Due Date section on the menu)   If you do not pay the amount due by the payment due date, your account will result in an Administrative/Late Fee charge of up to $50.00. Additionally, a monthly late fee billing charge of up to $50.00 will be automatically assessed to any unpaid balance.  Failure to view your eBill will not be accepted as a reason to waive the late payment fee.

Non-Payment Policy

Students with unpaid or undeferred charges after the specified drop/add period shall be subject to registration cancellation.  In addition, no student shall receive credit or other official recognition for work completed satisfactorily, or be allowed to re-register until all student charges on your account are paid. 

A Bursar HOLD will be placed on their account. If there is a hold on the students account, the student will not be permitted to register for subsequent semesters or receive transcripts until the balance is paid in full.


  • Returned Checks
    Paper checks and e-checks returned by your bank will be assessed a $20 returned check fee.  In addition, if the returned check or e-check was for a payment on your student account, additional late fee charges will also be assessed up to $50. Please refer to General Obligations Law, Section 11-104 for additional liability of drawer.
  • Change in Credit Hours
    Any change in credit hours may result in a revised eBill.  You will receive an email notifying you of the change. It is important to make payment immediately to avoid late fees or a hold on your account.  It is strongly recommended that you contact Financial Aid as this change may affect your financial aid package.
  • Payment by Financial Aid
    Financial aid awards must be accepted before you can receive a deferment. Once given a deferment for funds such as for Perkins, PCL, and other loans, they will not be considered a valid deferment until the promissory note is signed. The prom note must be signed on or before your tuition due date.

Financial Aid Refunds

Financial Aid Funds in excess of semester charges will be refunded to the student once the funds are received by the University.  Refunds are available in two options, University check or Direct Deposit.  We strongly recommend you sign up for Direct Deposit to avoid delays in your refund.

Notification of student refunds will be sent to your Upstate email address.   

How To Sign Up For Direct Deposit

  • If you need to make changes to your banking information: (this must be done one (1) week prior to distribution of refunds. Otherwise this will delay processing your refund). 
  • Select Direct Deposit/eRefund - choose edit my account and make your change and save.
  • DO NOT use edit my account under "My saved accounts" this will not update your information.

Collection - Section 18 Notification

As a New York State agency, SUNY Upstate Medical University is required by Section 18 of the State Finance Law to follow certain collection procedures for past due debts. (For Section 18 details visit NYS Finance Section 18 site)

In accordance with NYS Finance Law section 18 notification and SUNYpolicy, we are required to pursue collection of past due debt. As a result, accounts that are still delinquent at the end of a semester may be transferred to private collection agencies and/or the New York State Attorney General's Office for collection, and are subject to additional interest and/or collection charges. Also, students with an outstanding balance from a previous semester are subject to being de-registered for an ensuing semester for which they've pre-enrolled.