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Student Housing Information

Student Housing Rate Structure

2023-24 Rates

One Bedroom
$6300 per semester
Stay for summer $2000

Two Bedroom
$5000 per semester
Stay for summer $1500

Four Bedroom
$5000 per semester
Stay for summer $1500

  • Semesterly rates include all utilities, Spectrum cable, wired and wireless internet, air conditioned units and much more.
  • Geneva Tower is managed by Upstate Medical University Professional Staff and are exclusively reserved for students and medical residents.
  • More Great reasons to live in Geneva Tower

Our rate structure is designed to provide discounted summer housing to students who continue to live in University Housing for multiple years. Please note: Any incoming student with an early start, “pre-fall” class, or an MS 3/4 student signing a renewal lease will receive pre-fall/summer housing at a cost of $600 (As compared to $1500-$2000 mentioned above.)


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