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A state certifying agency professional education verification form (Licensure) is a document that is part of the application packet required by some state agencies for verification of a degree earned by a medical professional. It may be referred to as a medical education verification form, certification of medical education form, certificate of professional training form, or other similar name.

Please be aware that SUNY Upstate Medical University does not provide this form for current or former students, nor do we provide advisement as to whether it is required for application to a specific certifying agency. The application process, for some U.S. states, territories, or The District of Columbia, requires both the academic transcript and completion of a verification form, and some require only the transcript or only the verification form. If you are applying for Licensure/Certification in the United States please refer to the state, territory, or D.C. licensure application instructions regarding requirements, of that agency, for verification of your medical education. SUNY Upstate Medical University does not accept licensure requests made via email, fax or phone call.

Licensure Ordering Information for Current Students

You may submit your Licensure request with or without an accompanying transcript from your MyUpstate account. Click on the Request Official Licensure link under the Student Academic Information Tab.

Licensure Ordering Information for Alumni

Current students, former students and alumni can request a Licensure to be sent online anytime and from virtually anywhere using the link below:

Parchment Logo

The cost of a Licensure is $10 and if you ask for a transcript to be included, that is also $10 per request. Your Upstate licensure request is securely linked to Parchment who is the vendor SUNY Upstate Medical University has contracted with to provide licensures through an encrypted and secure service.

To order: Payment must be made by debit or credit card. For customer service, please contact Parchment support.

Check Order Status

Benefits and key features of ordering online include:

  • 24/7/365 Access: you may submit your request from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Faster Service: Your request may be mailed as early as one business day after submitting your transcript request. AND, if you select to have your transcript sent electronically through their secure network, your transcript may be sent and received by your intended recipient within minutes of your request
  • Easy Address Look-up and Verification: the online order form has a search feature for many colleges and universities AND also allows you to verify the recipient's address against the USPS database of valid US addresses
  • Utilizes electronic signatures via finger/mouse/stylus for authorization to release documents.

Express Delivery Options

SUNY Upstate will send your licensure by express delivery if you choose this delivery method in your online order and include payment to cover the additional postage fees.
Next Day Delivery Through FedEx:

  • Within the United States - $40.00
  • International - $65.00

Any FedEX orders received after 3:00pm are processed on the following business day.

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