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Request Services

A request for release of information pertaining to a student’s academic record is to be submitted in writing. To protect the confidentiality of your record, Federal law requires your signed consent to release information.

Not even a parent may receive information pertaining to your academic record without your signed release (Federal Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 -Buckley Amendment). That is why no phone, email, or third party requests can be accepted.

A written request is to include your signature, name, any former names, Student ID number or Social Security number, and the year that you last attended SUNY Upstate Medical University. The request should also include instructions as to what is needed from our office and to where, and how the item or information is to be sent. You may complete and submit our REQUEST FORM , a third party’s request form, or your own handwritten, typewritten, or electronically created letter. Please remember that your signature is required on the written request before you send it by one of the methods listed below.

For online-Transcript requests:

Go to: http://www.upstate.edu/currentstudents/academic/records/transcript.php

For on-line-Licensure requests:

Go to: http://www.upstate.edu/currentstudents/academic/records/licensure.php

For all other services, a request form may be mailed to, faxed, emailed or requested in person to the Registrar’s Office at:

Office of the Registrar

SUNY Upstate Medical University
155 Elizabeth Blackwell Street, Room 203
Syracuse, NY 13210
Fax: 315-464-8822

[email protected]

The normal process time for your request is 1-3 business days from the date that it is received. Please note that this processing may sometimes take longer.

Items that are commonly requested by students. 

  • Certification Letter
  • National Student Clearinghouse Online Enrollment Certification
  • Deferment for student loans
  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation (Dean's Letter). This item is available only for graduates of the College of Medicine M.D. program.
  • You may call our office, at 315-464-4604, with an inquiry about information from your student record that does not fit any of the items listed above. REQUEST FORM
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