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Enrollment Procedures

College of Health Professions

College Nursing

College of Graduate Studies

College of Medicine

Non-matriculated Student

Qualified non-matriculated students may take courses from the College of Health Professions, College of Graduate Studies, or the CNYMPH program on a space available basis

Auditing a Course

Financial Obligations

It is important to recognize that even though you have dropped a course or withdrawn from a course, you may still have a tuition liability and it may impact your financial aid award.   Before dropping or withdrawing from courses, you should consult with the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid to determine the impact on your financial aid for the current semester and the impact on your financial aid eligibility for future semesters. 

For tuition liability guidelines, please consult the Office of the Bursar.  Students may be liable for tuition, even if a course was dropped during the Add/Drop period.  Please note that tuition liability is determined by the date that the completed Add/Drop form was received by the Office of the Registrar.  (An Add/Drop form is not considered complete until late fees have been paid, if applicable.)