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College of Medicine Tutoring

Tutoring Services

The College of Medicine offers tutoring services to help with the content taught in the the basic sciences, clerkships, and is also beneficial at strengthening both study and learning skills.

Peer tutors work one-on-one or in small groups with fellow students offering academic support and expertise in an informal setting. For students experiencing difficulty in their course work, peer tutors can be an important source of individualized help.

Who are the tutors:

The majority of our tutors are fourth year medical students who are also members of Alpha Omega Alpha, the Medical Honor Society. We also welcome volunteer tutors who would like to gain leadership skills and add experience to your CV. Some tutors may also be eligible for academic credit based on the number of hours provided. If you would like to become a volunteer tutor, please contact our office at 315-464-8855.

Request a tutor:

An initial meeting takes place first before a tutor is assigned to learn more about your need and to help you create a personal plan of success. To schedule an appointment for a tutor:

  1. Visit MyUpstate: https://bannerweb.upstate.edu
  2. Under Tasks, there is a link to follow for Academic Support Services Requests:
  3. Once a request is submitted, you will be contacted within a few days to make an appointment.