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Upstate has performed over a million top quality COVID-19 PCR tests

COVID Testing at SUNY Upstate

100% Sensitivity 100% Specificity

Upstate offers PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests, which are considered the gold standard in SARS-CoV-2 detection. In addition to the nasopharyngeal PCR COVID test, Upstate offers a saliva PCR test, developed at Upstate, which the United States Food and Drug Administration ranked as the best of its kind in detecting COVID-19. Both the sensitivity and specificity of the saliva test are 100%.

Along with high quality COVID-19 tests, Upstate offers the fastest turnaround time in the region. Nasopharyngeal COVID tests result in 24-48 hours and are immediately available through the patient’s Upstate MyChart account.

Upstate testing is part of a large academic medical center

Upstate’s testing operations are managed by top-tier nurses and staff and led by physicians. Tests are integrated into Upstate’s electronic medical record, providing individuals with easy access to documentation of results. All of Upstate’s testing platforms detect the COVID-19 variants. While the platforms do not distinguish between variants/strains, they effectively detect the current variants.


Virtual ER

Upstate offers access to Emergency Medicine physicians through the Virtual ER program for any non-emergency medical issue. Individuals tested for COVID at Upstate can use the Virtual ER for physician advice and discussion regarding test results, changes in symptoms or worsening of symptoms, return to work paperwork, or discussion of any other medical paperwork needed.

Upstate offers COVID-19 testing 6 days a week

Upstate currently operates two testing sites, each with different offerings, to accommodate the testing needs of the Central New York community. Click here for more information on each testing site and for information about how to schedule a COVID test.

Upstate Medical University continues to be a regional leader during the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic. Testing for the virus remains a critical piece of the public health strategy to contain the spread of the COVID virus.

Throughout the pandemic, Upstate has provided COVID-19 tests to ensure that the region was able to re-open as safely as possible. To date, Upstate has performed over one million COVID-19 tests for individuals across New York State.