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Writing Resource Center

The Upstate Writing Resource Center is a free resource available to all students who need extra help while drafting or revising writing assignments. Face-to-face tutoring hours on campus in Silverman Hall are available. Online writing tutoring is also available for those who can't come to campus, or for those who need after-hours help, through the use of the Zoom program (the program is similar to Skype; Zoom is a video chat program that allows users to share a document and view changes made to it in real time).

Directions for Setting Up an Appointment:

  1. Click on the link below and fill out the form to start your request for a meeting with the Writing Center:
    Appointment Request Form
  2. Next, email an instructor to set up a time for your tutoring appointment (see instructor emails and schedule below)
  3. Before your appointment, email your draft, as well as a copy of the assignment from the course instructor, to the Writing Center instructor with whom you will be meeting (see submission requirements below).

For face to face appointments, your draft with suggestions for improvement will be returned during your scheduled appointment. These suggestions will be reviewed during the meeting, and any questions you may have on the assignment will be answered.

For online appointments, you will need to use Firefox or Chrome on the computer (Internet Explorer does not work well) and register for the Zoom website, or you may download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app available for iPad, iPhone or Android devices. You will also need a webcam and audio (headset or mic).

Faculty Office Hours, Spring 2018


Danielle Masursky
2229 SH



Christina Ciereck
2236 SH



Megan Altman
2223 SH



Any evening (M-F) via ZOOM
Email instructor for appointment

Submission Requirements

Assignment must be submitted in advance of your scheduled appointment

  • 5 pages or less, 2 days in advan ce of your appointment
  • 6 – 10 pages, 3 days in advance of your appointment
  • 11 – 20 pages, 4 days in advance of your appointment
  • over 20 pages, 5 days in advance of your appointment

Appointments may be made up to April 27, 2018, which is one week before the last day of the Spring, 2018 semester.

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