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Student Association of the College of Nursing (SACON)

SACON is the Student Association of the College of Nursing. Through this organization, nursing students can communicate with other students and the faculty and participate in campus-wide student governance (Graduate and Undergraduate Student Council).

The purpose of SACON is to serve as a liaison between the students and the faculty of the College if the students have any concerns with the curriculum, safety issues, etc. (Read more in the BYLAWS below.)

All students in the College of Nursing are members of SACON and are invited to participate in all of its activities, which include monthly updates online and occasional live meetings, a special reception, luncheon or program at the end of each semester, and fundraising activities. A nursing faculty liaison and new officers are elected to SACON near the end of each spring semester.

SACON Bylaws

  • to secure the interests and welfare of all students in the College of Nursing
  • to enhance communication and unification between and among the undergraduate and graduate students within the College of Nursing
  • to provide an organized mechanism which encourages, facilitates, and guarantees active participation in interdisciplinary activities of the campus, via student representation in the Undergraduate Student Council (USC) and Graduate Student Council (GSC)
  • to provide a milieu for expression of student opinions regarding programs, educational environment, professional concerns, and other issues at the College and
  • to serve as a vehicle to enhance and promote the visibility and image of the College of Nursing on this campus as well as the community