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nurses with patient

Vision and Goals

Sigma Theta Tau International is committed to improving the health of people worldwide through the development, dissemination and deployment of nursing knowledge.

Omicron At-Large embraces the global mission of Sigma Theta Tau International. Consistent with this mission of growth, development, and sharing of nursing knowledge, the Chapter is dedicated to the improvement of health of people in Central New York and beyond.

Omicron At-Large is committed to advancing nursing leadership, scholarship, and research in clinical practice and in public policy.


  • Building a community of nurses committed to scholarship, leadership, and research
  • Enhancing the image of nursing and nursing activities
  • Developing the members' basic and advanced leadership skills
  • Promoting member intellectual stimulation and development
  • Expanding the base of nursing knowledge
  • Integrating research into nursing practice and into the design of health care services