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The seal

The Seal

The imprint of the Sigma Theta Tau seal is the lamp of knowledge, surrounded by a circle containing the name of the society, and the date of its founding, 1922.

The key

The Key

The Key is the symbol of scholarship. The cup denotes the satisfaction of professional life. The circle of gold with its six stars represents our six founders. The letters in black - Sigma Theta Tau - represent our charge: Storga, Tharos, Tima - Love, courage, honor. The lamp is the lamp of knowledge.

The jeweled key features amethyst stars representing the founders in a circle of pearls or diamonds. The organization's colors are orchid and fuschia, and the flower is the orchid.

The Coat-of-arms

The Coat-of-Arms

The symbolism of the coat-of-arms expresses the ideals of this honor Society. The eye represents wisdom and discernment. The stars are in recognition of our six founders. The scroll is that of learning and bears the Greek letters, Sigma Theta Tau: the first letters of the Greek words Storga, Tharos, Tima - meaning love, courage, honor. The pillars of stone at the right and left denote service, professional endeavor and strength of leadership. The lamp represents the lamp of knowledge. The motto on the banner is Sigma Theta Tau, the name of this International Honor Society.