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Nursing Education Curriculum

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NURS 565 Nurse as Educator (3 credits)

The focus of this course is on role development of the nurse as an educator. Emphasis is placed on preparing the student to perform effectively as a communicator of information which will enable the client to act as a responsible partner in his/her own health care. Recognizing teaching as an important clinical skill, this course engages students in formal inquiry into key components of patient education. Students have the opportunity to participate in the processes of needs assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of education programs. Students conduct critical analysis of educational materials, apply research findings to patient education, and conduct a cost analysis of educational programs. The impact of legal issues, ethical dilemmas, and changes in the health care delivery system on patient education is discussed. This course is a prerequisite to NURS 655 and NURS 665.
Pre/corequisites: None

NURS 655 Curriculum and Program Development (3 credits)

This course continues the development of the knowledge and skills of the nurse as an educator. While the major emphasis is on the development of faculty for an academic role, the principles of course and program development are applicable for in-service, continuing education, and staff development educators as well. The role, competencies, and responsibilities of the educator in a variety of settings are explored. The process of program and curriculum development is examined in light of the ethical, legal, political, and economic forces and issues that have an impact on the educational process. The evaluation process includes the development of outcome criteria to measure the success of programs and curricula. Using seminar and other adult learning formats, students have the opportunity to develop educational course content and, at the same time, design, apply, and critique creative learning strategies that foster critical thinking and active participation.
Pre/corequisites: NURS 565, matriculated graduate status

NURS 665 Educational Evaluation (3 credits)

This course is one in a series of three courses leading to a minor in education. Students focus on assessing, advising, and evaluating the learner from the time of admission to the completion of an academic program or other type of educational endeavor. A major emphasis is on exploring creative evaluation strategies, using various methodologies to determine learner performance in classroom, laboratory and clinical settings. The evaluation process focuses on test development, including the techniques for writing examinations, analyzing test items, administering and grading examinations, and ensuring inter-rater reliability as well as the reliability and validity of tests. As a culminating aspect of this course, students examine both the entrepreneurial role of the nurse educator and how to negotiate a job through the use of marketing and interviewing techniques. Students are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills as educators by actively participating in seminars, other adult learning approaches, and practicum experiences. Individually designed practicum experiences allow students to gain a broader perspective on the educator role as well as to practice some of the skills of the educator.
Pre/corequisites: NURS 565, matriculated graduate status