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Post Master's Advanced Certificate Programs

Nurse Practitioner

See: Nurse Practitioner Curriculum

The Nurse Practitioner Post Master's Program is open to registered nurses with clinical master's degrees who wish to become nurse practitioners and to certified nurse practitioners with master's degrees who wish to become certified in an additional specialty area.

Graduates of this advanced certificate program are skilled in assessment, diagnosis and management of acute and chronic health problems, and are prepared to deliver primary care services in a variety of health settings to the patient population of their choosing: family, or family psychiatric mental health.

The program typically begins in the fall and takes four semesters. NPs seeking certification in an additional specialty area, who have taken a pathophysiology course that is acceptable for transfer, may be eligible to begin the program in the spring. Nurse practitioners seeking certification in a second specialty area, who have appropriate academic and clinical experience, may qualify to complete the program in three semesters.

Graduates of the Nurse Practitioner Post Master's Program may apply for New York State nurse practitioner credentialing through the College of Nursing. Graduates also are eligible to take the national American Nurses Credentialing Center nurse practitioner certificate exam.

Nursing Education

See: Nursing Education Curriculum

This two- to three-semester post master's program prepares nurses with master's degrees in nursing or related fields to be educators for patients, other nurses, nursing students and the general public. Students who complete the program receive a certificate upon completion.

This nine-credit program includes three courses: Nurse as Educator (required of all bachelor's and master's students), Curriculum and Program Development, and Educational Evaluation. In Educational Evaluation, students work with a preceptor to gain experience in the role of educator.

All courses for the Education Certificate may be completed in two semesters. A minimum of 6 credits must be taken at SUNY Upstate.

Previous College of Nursing graduates can complete this post master's certificate in one semester.

Students may begin the program in fall or spring with NURS 565 followed by NURS 665 and NURS 655 in any sequence.