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Nurse Residency Program: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the purpose of this grant?

To prepare novice nurse practitioners (NPs) in primary care for practice in rural, urban, tribal, and underserved community-based settings through the establishment of a clinical and academic focused 12-month Nurse Practitioner Residency program in Central New York (CNY).

How long is the NP Residency?

The NP Residency will run for 4 cycles of 12 months each. Each year we will select 4 NPs to participate in the residency program. The grant will conclude in quarter 4 of 2027 at the end of year 4. At the conclusion of the grant, we will have had 16 total NPs complete the residency.

Where does the NP Residency take place?

Participants will be matched to one of the four locations: East Hill Medical Center in Auburn NY, Liberty Resources in Syracuse NY, Onondaga Nation in Nedrow NY or Family Medicine (Nappi Building) in Syracuse NY. There will be one participant per location.

How is the NP Residency structured?

During the credentialing phase you will shadow a provider. Once you are fully credentialed for the site you will see patients 4 days per week, progressively increasing the number of patients seen over time. One day a week you will attend didactic sessions along with the Family Practice Medical Residents. The curriculum will also focus on maternal health care, behavioral health, Social determinants of Health and workforce wellness and resiliency. This is a full-time program only, there is no part-time option. Participants will be scheduled 40 hours per week to meet clinical and didactic requirements.

When do applications open?

  • Year 1 applications are still being accepted with an anticipated start date of April 1, 2024, and an end date of March 1, 2025.
  • Year 2 applications open on January 2, 2024, with priority given to those who apply by May 1, 2024. Applications will remain open after May 1, 2024. Year 2 residents will begin on September 1, 2024, and end on August 31, 2025.

What are the minimum qualifications to apply?

You must be a licensed and nationally certified nurse practitioner with a focus in primary care. You must have graduated from an accredited college/ school of nursing within the past 18 months. Graduates from all colleges/ schools are welcome to apply as long as the minimum qualifications have been met. We will accept both Masters and Doctoral prepared NP’s.

Who are you employed by?

During the 12-month residency you are not employed by any agency. You are a participant of a HRSA grant, which provides 70% of the monetary stipend you will be awarded. The remaining 30% comes from the clinical practice partner sites. The money provided to you in the stipend can be used to purchase fringe benefits if needed and malpractice insurance. It will be paid out like a paycheck in timed increments.

The total estimated stipend from the HRSA grant comes to $101,920. The portion paid by the clinical practice partner site is estimated to be $31,610. The total amount received over 12 months is estimated to be $133,530. Please remember that taxes have not been taken out and you will need to make arrangements for tax purposes. All participants will be given an opportunity to apply for available open positions once the residency is complete.