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RNs with a Bachelor's in a Non-Nursing Field

Registered Nurses with a non-nursing bachelor's degree can earn a master's degree without a BS in Nursing. Candidates take only five courses to complete the bachelor's requirement and enter the master's program.  The five courses are listed below.  Students who have completed their associate's degree or diploma in nursing by the end of December may apply for acceptance to the Spring semester, take these five courses over the spring and summer, and matriculate into the master's program in the fall. 

  • Health Assessment & Health Promotion across Lifespan
  • Statistics
  • Nursing Management/Leadership
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Research in Nursing

Please note, that you will hold a non-matriculated student status for the initial Spring and Summer semesters while you are taking the bridging courses. Non-matriculated students are not eligible for federal and state financial aid but can use employer tuition assistance benefits if those are available. Your official matriculation status will begin with the Fall semester (August start) on the particular academic year. Matriculated students can apply for and receive financial aid.

Spring admission is only available for the MS Program for those with a Bachelor's in another Field. Application period is August 1 through November. All application documents must be submitted by November 1st. 

Advisement and Registration day will be in mid-December.

For questions on this program of study, please contact the Office of Admissions at admiss@upstate.edu or apply online.  This is the only local clinical program of this kind.