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Masters of Science - Programs of Study

The Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Master's Degree (AGNP) program prepares nurses to improve practice and health outcomes for patients 18 and older in a broad range of settings.  RNs with a Bachelor's degree can apply and complete the program in 17 months.

The MS program is a hybrid program including online and face-to-face classes.

The Master's program builds on your undergraduate nursing education and focuses on applying advanced theory and evidence-based data to clinical practice.  The curriculum includes courses in the advanced practice role, nursing theory, family theory, informatics, quality and safety, leadership and health care policy, research and advanced pathophysiology and pharmacology.  You may take practicum courses as electives to strengthen your advanced practice skills.  You also may participate in faculty-sponsored research or individual research projects under faculty guidance, or practice teaching or nursing administration.


Program Tracks

Current Program of Study

We are currently accepting applications to the Master of Science AGNP-PC program only.

Previous MS Programs of Study

As we transition our other programs to BS to DNP, we are no longer accepting applicants to the Master of Science FNP, PNP, and FPMHNP program tracks.  However, details are supplied below for students who are completing these programs.

Please contact the College of Nursing Admissions Representative at admiss@upstate.edu to discuss other potential degree options.

We are also enrolling students in the BS to DNP program

For current students who are enrolled in the FNP, PNP, and FPMHNP Programs