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BS - Transfer Credit

A total of 121 credits is required for the awarding of a bachelor's degree.

Students transfer 60 college credits from basic nursing programs. Sixty-one credits must be completed within the College of Nursing's upper-division program. Some of these 61 credits may be fulfilled through the transfer of college-level courses or via examinations.  Residency requirement is 30 credits.

Program of study transfer credit is granted when the nature, content and level of the course is comparable to that offered by SUNY Upstate; the credit earned is appropriate and applicable to the program. To consider a course for transfer, a grade of C or better must be earned.

There is no time limit to receive credit for courses used to fulfill ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS or for free electives in the program for transfer credit.  Transfer credit requests for program of study courses will be evaluated by program faculty and Admissions.  Transfer credit may include up to 12 lower division credits (100+ and 200+ level courses) of arts and science courses.

The bachelor of science degree program is an upper-division transfer program for registered nurses with associate's degrees or diplomas in nursing. The bachelor's program gives you the chance to explore the vast field of nursing and discover new areas in which to practice. It is designed to accommodate your work and family life by offering part-time and full-time scheduling options and asynchronous online learning.