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Is SUNY Upstate Medical University’s Admission Office still reviewing applications and processing admission decisions?

Yes, our admissions committees continue to review applications and make admissions decisions. The Admissions Office continues to process decisions and issue decision letters, which are now being sent out via email.

I am unable to submit an official transcript to fulfill the Admission Requirements due to university closures. What are my options?

Applicants facing this problem should contact admissions at admiss@upstate.edu to discuss a credential exception. If approved, applicants will be required to submit official transcripts at a later date.

I have been asked to make a decision to accept or decline my offer of admission by a specific date. Is it possible to extend my decision deadline?

Admissions decision deadlines are set at the program level. 

I would like to defer my admission. What are my options?

The College of Nursing’s deferral policy states that only accepted and deposited students are eligible for one time deferral for the next academic year. Please contact admissions at admiss@upstate.edu to request a deferral.

I am a current undergraduate student who is interested in applying to SUNY Upstate Medical University Nurse Practitioner graduate program in the future. My Spring 2020 undergraduate coursework will be graded as Pass/Fail due to COVID-19. Will this affect my eligibility for graduate admission?

If your undergraduate institution has required students to go to Pass/Fail coursework, we will accept this. We do suggest that if this is optional, you do your best to take the nursing school prerequisites for a letter grade. Pass/Fail courses will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Dean’s Office. In the wake of the current situation, we realize that some of your prerequisites for this spring 2020 semester may not have allowed you to complete the lab component. We will certainly still give this full consideration and will be as flexible as possible. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis.