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About Institutional Compliance

Mission Statement

The mission of the Institutional Compliance Program, is to educate and inform all faculty and staff of federal, state, and local regulations. In addition, we will provide the guidelines necessary to enable health care providers and employees of Upstate Medical University and Hospital to fulfill their obligations in an ethical and honest manner.

The compliance program will encourage and promote an environment where suspected fraud, abuse, waste, improper or illegal activities can be anonymously reported by anyone without fear of retaliation. Institutional Compliance further commits to thoroughly investigate any allegations, impose a plan of correction, and recommend warranted disciplinary action.

A centralized information resource will be available to all faculty and staff. In an effort to achieve compliance with established programs, regulations, and guidelines, Institutional Compliance will also function as a resource to individuals and departments for assistance in meeting the requirements of the compliance program.

In pursuit of its mission, Institutional Compliance will assist Upstate Medical University in achieving its goals of excellence in patient care, education of professionals in healthcare and biomedical research, and the generation of new knowledge. The compliance program will assist in the reduction of instances of fraud, abuse, and waste, therefore maintaining the status of the institution as a reliable, honest, and trustworthy health care provider.