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Department Representatives

A special thank you to all our dedicated department representatives... because of your leadership, we are confident that this campaign will be another huge success!

Bring in an Agency speaker to your staff meeting. If you would like an agency speaker to present at a staff meeting, please fill out the speaker request form.

Thank you for organizing a speaker in your department. Please have everyone sign in at your meeting. Once your meeting is complete please e-mail the signed sign-in sheet to pescir@upstate.edu for the re-usable bags to be sent to you. Please hand out the bags to all meeting attendees.

Special thank you to the following reps: 

Maureen Fleming had a word search competition and the winner, Scott Longale was the first one to complete it and won an Avengers chocolate bar 

Kay Magnarelli who put together a CGC basket to drew a winner from her department. Congratulations Dr. Norifumi Urao

Thank you to Dr. Thomas Duncan, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, who did a basket for his area. Congratulations to Dr. Stewart Loh who the basket. Congratulations to Wayne Decatus who won second prize, a biochemist t-shirt, and congratulations to Dr. Patricia Kane who won third prize, science themed socks!  

Stephanie DeJoseph provided a coffee break and an e-mail to thank her colleagues and did a basket for her area. 

Did you do something fun in your department and would like to share it with us? Please e-mail pescir@upstate.edu 


Department Rep Winners:

CAB membership: Dee Williams, Office of General Counsel

Upstate Foundation Gala Tickets: Carmella Carroll, Ambulatory Call Center

9 Great Tips for Reps

From department reps who can vouch for their success!

  1. Share incentives information
  2. Make a personal "ask"
  3. Have a competition with another dept
  4. Throw a kickoff party
  5. Share campaign message and materials with your department(s) at staff meetings or other opportunities.
  6. Share campaign publicity (from UpOnline, Announcements, etc.) with co-workers via email
  7. Send a personal "thank you" note
  8. Ask for a 24-hour turnaround
  9. Encourage 1st-time donors 

Department Representatives 

APS AmbulatoryRebecca Pesci
APS InpatientDennise Burch
APS Inpatient (co-rep)Wendy Holz
Academic AffairsPatricia Gooden
Accounting & BudgetingRebecca Pesci
Accounts PayableRebecca Pesci
Alumni Office (Medical)Lori Murphy
Amb Peds Hem/Onc& Infusion CtrSandra Flowers
Ambulatory Call CenterCarmella Carroll
Ambulatory Float PoolRebecca Pesci
Ambulatory Services AdminLinda Destefano
Anatomic Pathlgy-CytopathologyRebecca Pesci
AnesthesiologyKimberly Hare
Anesthesiology (Hospital)Rebecca Pesci
Biochemistry&Molecular BiologyThomas Duncan
Bioethics And HumanitiesRebecca Pesci
Biotech Accelerator CenterRebecca Pesci
CG-2E-OB/GYN/NurseryBarbara Bennett
CG-2E-OB/GYN/Nursery (co-rep)Amy Rottger
CG-2N-Labor & DeliveryBarbara Bennett
CG-2N-Labor & Delivery (co-rep)Amy Rottger
CG-3N-Epilepsy Monitoring UnitBrittany Ladd
CG-3N-Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (co-rep)Melissa Martin
CG-3N-ICUKathleen Oemcke
CG-3N-ICU (co-rep)Melissa Martin
CG-3W-Tele/Med/SurgMakenzie Foote
CG-3W-Tele/Med/Surg (co-rep)Melissa Martin
CG-4E-Inpatient RehabAmy Rottger
CG-4N-Med/SurgMichelle Dale
CG-4N-Med/Surg (co-rep)Bradley Addison
CG-5E-Transitional Care UnitAnna Kline
CG-5E-Transitional Care Unit (co-rep)Amy Rottger
CG-5W-Inpatient PsychiatryKathleen Webber
CG-6-Med/SurgAmanda Geisler
CG-6-Med/Surg (co-rep)Amy Rottger
CG-Bariatric ProgramBeth Sellers
CG-Bariatric/Gen Surg ClinicBeth Sellers
CG-Business DevelopmentBeth Sellers
CG-CT ScannerJennifer Carey
CG-Case ManagementSandra Widger
CG-Case Management (co-rep)Melissa Martin
CG-Central ServicesRebecca Pesci
CG-Clinical PathologyAmy Rottger
CG-ENT ClinicBeth Sellers
CG-Emergency DeptLeah Neider
CG-Environmental ServicesBeth Sellers
CG-Facilities & ConstructionBeth Sellers
CG-Golisano After HoursRebecca Pesci
CG-Grounds & ParkingBeth Sellers
CG-Health EducationBeth Sellers
CG-Health Education RegistryBeth Sellers
CG-Health OfficeBeth Sellers
CG-Hospital AdministrationRebecca Pesci
CG-Illustration ServicesBeth Sellers
CG-Materials ManagementBeth Sellers
CG-Medical Admin ServicesBeth Sellers
CG-NSS Admin SupervisorsRobin Ellsworth
CG-NSS Float PoolRebecca Pesci
CG-NSS SWATRebecca Pesci
CG-NSS UST Float PoolRebecca Pesci
CG-NSS-Nursing Support PoolAmy Rottger
CG-NSS-Psychiatry Float Pool (co-rep)Mary Prendergast
CG-Nuclear MedicineJennifer Carey
CG-Nurse PractitionersMelissa Martin
CG-Nursing ServicesMelissa Martin
CG-OR MaterialsRebecca Pesci
CG-Operating RoomRebecca Pesci
CG-OrthopedicsMelissa Martin
CG-Orthopedics (co-rep)Megan Greenman
CG-PACURebecca Pesci
CG-Patient Testing Ctr (PTC)Rebecca Pesci
CG-PharmacySusan Fry
CG-Plant OperationsBeth Sellers
CG-PurchasingBeth Sellers
CG-Quality ServicesBeth Sellers
CG-RadiologyRebecca Pesci
CG-Radiology MRIRebecca Pesci
CG-Radiology RNsRebecca Pesci
CG-Respiratory TherapyJennifer Carey
CG-Risk ManagementBeth Sellers
CG-Social WorkMelissa Martin
CG-Surgery CenterRebecca Pesci
CG-SwitchboardBeth Sellers
CG-UltrasoundJennifer Carey
CG-Urology ClinicBeth Sellers
CG-Vascular AccessJennifer Carey
CG-Vascular Surgery ClinicBeth Sellers
CG-Wellspring Breast CenterJennifer Carey
CHP-Arts & SciencesRebecca Pesci
CHP-Cardiovascular PerfusionSusan Graham
CHP-Clincl Laboratory ScienceJudith Ziobrowski
CHP-Dean's OfficeLinda Curry
CHP-IHP Vitality ProgramRebecca Pesci
CHP-Medical Imaging SciencesSusan Graham
CHP-Physical TherapyDale Avers
CHP-Physician Assnt StudiesSusan Graham
CHP-Radiation Therapy TechnAnne Starowicz
CHP-Respiratory Therapy EducSusan Graham
Cancer Center-AdministrationCasaundra Hildreth
Cancer Center-Multidis SuiteRebecca Pesci
Cancer Ctr-Hematology/OncologyRebecca Pesci
Cardiac Rehab ProgramRebecca Pesci
Cell & Developmental BiologyJulie Arrigo
Central Distribution ServicesYvonne Goodman
Central Equipment ServicesKathryn Boardman
Central StoresRebecca Pesci
Centralized Patient TransportKristin Wright
Clin Campus- ALLPenny Holt
Clin Path-Blood BankMichelle Gugliotta
Clin Path-Core LaboratoryChristine McGivney
Clin Path-CytogeneticsChristine McGivney
Clin Path-HistocompatibilityKathleen Sayles
Clin Path-ImmunologySophia Lustrinelli
Clin Path-Micro & VirologyMichelle Gugliotta
Clin Path-MolecularSophia Lustrinelli
Clin Practice Analysis&SupportMaureen Fleming
Clinical CampusColleen Malarkey
Clinical EngineeringMitzi Martinez
Clinical NeurophysiologyRebecca Pesci
Clinical PathologyKathleen Sayles
Clinical Pathology AdminSophia Lustrinelli
Clinical Research UnitKimberly Hope
College Of NursingSue Davie
Continuing Medical EducationRebecca Pesci
Contracts & Campus PurchasingChristine Mieczkowski
Curriculum Development OffcPatricia Gooden
Dean's Office-Coll Of MedicineChristine Liberty
Dental ClinicTabatha White
Design and ConstructionLauren Winters
Diversity And InclusionLisa Gooley
Duplicating & PrintingDaniel Dippel
Electrocardiology (EKG)Jennifer Carey
Emer Svc Adm & Throughput TeamMaria Poplawski
Emergency ManagementRebecca Pesci
Emergency MedicineLisa Vogtle
Employee Assistance ProgramLisa Gooley
Employee/Student Health SvcLisa Gooley
Environmental Health & SafetyJacqueline Furbeck
Environmental ServicesNancy Prott
Equipment And Supply LogisticsRobert Lotkowictz
Family MedicineAnne Root
Family Medicine-CNYOHCCTina Krishock
Finance & ManagementKaren Hodge
Financial Services Admin.Ashley Scott
Financial Services-GeneralAshley Scott
Financial Services-PatientAshley Scott
Geriatrics MedicineElizabeth Thorpe
Graduate Medical EducationSuzanne Henderson-Kendrick
Graduate StudiesMark Schmitt
Health Information MgmtMaureen Capoto
HealthLinkRebecca Pesci
Hospital AdministrationRebecca Pesci
Hospital PurchasingCarissa McNeilly
Hospital Strategy OfficeRebecca Pesci
Human ResourcesLisa Gooley
Human Resources-OTD/Clin EducsLisa Gooley
IMT-AdministrationMargaret Riley
IMT-Administrative Info SysKathryn Pantaleo
IMT-Ambulatory EMR SystemsConstance Chwalek
IMT-Ambulatory PM SystemsConstance Chwalek
IMT-Customer SupportMatthew Mahoney
IMT-Educational CommunicationsPeter Thomas
IMT-Healthcare Info AmbulatoryConstance Chwalek
IMT-Healthcare Info SystemsTammy Blackburn
IMT-Network ServicesMargaret Riley
IMT-Oper & Networking-CampusMargaret Riley
IMT-Operations & Host SystemsMargaret Riley
IMT-Rev Cycle & TrainingMichael Longo
IMT-TelecommunicationsTracey Cartland
Immune Health ServicesJessica Tatusko
Infection PreventionCandia Keehfus
Institutnl Compliance & EthicsLoretta Harris Stickane
Internal AuditRebecca Pesci
Internal Medicine - HarrisonRebecca Pesci
Interventional RadiologyRebecca Pesci
Islet Cell Clean RoomRebecca Pesci
Joslin Diabetes CenterKathryn Lambert
Joslin Diabetes Ctr-PediatricsRebecca Pesci
Kidney AcquisitionAmanda Demperio
Laboratory Animal ResourcesRebecca Pesci
Laundry & Linen ServicesDonna Rogers
LibraryDinita Machlin
MD/PhD ProgramRebecca Pesci
Mail RoomPeter DeSantis
Management EngineeringRebecca Pesci
Marketing & University CommStephanie DeJoseph
Materials Management AdminCarissa McNeilly
Medical Staff ServiceMichelle Endresz
MedicineElizabeth Thorpe
Medicine-Amb MedicineKaran Lukasiewicz
Medicine-Cardiac Cath LabElizabeth Thorpe
Medicine-EP LabElizabeth Thorpe
Medicine-Stress/Echo LabElizabeth Thorpe
Microbiology & ImmunologyJennifer Pinkel
NSS-Support Pool-ICUEmery House
NSS-Support Pool-Med/SurgReina Baizan
NURSING-NSS SWAT (co-rep)Emery House
NeurologyTina Gilman
Neurology (co-rep)Holly Lewis
Neuroscience & PhysiologyWendi Burnette
NeurosurgeryRebecca Pesci
Neurosurgery - IOMRebecca Pesci
Nursing Business AffairsKylee Deese
Nursing-10E-OncologyAmber Midgley
Nursing-10G-MedicineVictoria Nies
Nursing-10H-Bone MarrowKelley Mulvana
Nursing-10I-Apheresis/InfusionConnie Capone
Nursing-11E-PediatricsAthena D'Amico
Nursing-11G-Peds Hem/OncSandra Flowers
Nursing-12E-PediatricsJessella Strain
Nursing-12E-Pediatrics (co-rep)Linda McAleer
Nursing-12F-PediatricsRenee McKenney
Nursing-12F-PediatricsLinda McAleer
Nursing-2N-RehabilitationYvonne Ridgeway
Nursing-4B-PsychiatryRebecca Pesci
Nursing-5A-Surg/ENT/GynDanelle Shelley
Nursing-5B-Surg/Tran/GuStella Webber
Nursing-5E-Pre/PostJalica Desalvia
Nursing-5E-Pre/PostTonya Seckner
Nursing-6A-Medicine/PulmonarKellie Redmond
Nursing-6B-Medicine/TelemetryJessica Baehr
Nursing-6E-Burn Unit/ICUKhadijah Osbourne
Nursing-6H-Medical ICURebecca Pesci
Nursing-6I-Medical ICUBrenda Langdon
Nursing-6K-CP Med/SurgStephanie Merrill
Nursing-7A-OrthopedicsAngela Masi
Nursing-7U-Secured UnitKylie Wallace
Nursing-7W-Adolescent PsychPamela Haines
Nursing-8E-Surgical ICUAllison Butler
Nursing-8F-CP/ICUDonna Butterfield
Nursing-8G-Medicine/CardioCassandra Lusk
Nursing-9E-Neuro Critical CareCourtney Krzykowski
Nursing-9F-Neuro Critical CareDebora Gazzara-Ralph
Nursing-9G-NeuroscienceJennifer Stevens
Nursing-AdministrationElizabeth LaDuke
Nursing-Amb. Procedures (AP1)Rebecca Pesci
Nursing-Case ManagementSandra Widger
Nursing-Ctr Child Surg-O.R.Tiara Cheek
Nursing-Ctr Chld Surg Pre/PostMegan Congden
Nursing-ED Float PoolNicholas Internicola
Nursing-ED-AdultRachel Kichman-Hill
Nursing-ED-PediatricBrielle Swerdlin
Nursing-EndoscopyErin Denkenberger
Nursing-Gamma KnifeRebecca Pesci
Nursing-Hyperbaric UnitRebecca Pesci
Nursing-Intraoperative MRIRebecca Pesci
Nursing-NSS Clinical Supp-M/SSeema Dejoy
Nursing-NSS ICU Grade 18Emery House
Nursing-NSS ICU Per Diem FloatEmery House
Nursing-NSS M/S Per Diem FloatRebecca Pesci
Nursing-NSS Office StaffKylee Deese
Nursing-NSS SCA FloatsRebecca Pesci
Nursing-NSS/HCT/LPN/UST/NSCAli Cottrell
Nursing-ORTheresa Ott
Nursing-OR (co-rep)Connie Hall
Nursing-Ophthalmology Amb.CareMary Ann Jardin
Nursing-PSS-Admin SupRobin Ellsworth
Nursing-Peds Float PoolAthena D'Amico
Nursing-Peds Op Float PoolRebecca Pesci
Nursing-Peds SWATRenee McKenney
Nursing-Peds Specialty CtrAnnette Borchert
Nursing-Preadmission TestingLisa Mitchell
Nursing-RadiologyRebecca Pesci
Nursing-Recruitment OfficeCaitlin Nye
Nursing-Stroke ProgramJoshua Onyan
Nursing-Surgical Svcs AdminMichelle Lonkey
Nursing-Transitions in CareKarin McMullen
Nursing-Trauma Care ServiceMichelle Lewis
Nursing-Vascular Access TeamRebecca Pesci
O.R. MaterialsApril Trevett
OASISRebecca Pesci
Obstetrics & GynecologyDenise Mironti
Office Of General CounselDebra Williams
Office Of Patient ExperienceCassandra Cleary
Office Of The PresidentNancy Prott
Office of External RelationsNancy Prott
Onondaga Nation Health CtrRebecca Pesci
Ophthalmology & Visual ScienceCarol Miller
Orthopedic SurgeryAndrea McCartney
Otolaryngology & Comm SciencesGeoffrey Ameele
Otolaryngology Amb CareRebecca Pesci
PM&R - Rehab TherapiesKerry Walsh
ParkingLauren Winters
Pathlgy-Univ Pathologists LabKathleen Sayles
PathologyCarol Barnett
Pathology-Cord Blood BankKarla Lauenstein
Pathology-HospitalKathleen Sayles
Patient Access ServicesCarol Andrews
Patient Access-Admin/AdmittingCarol Andrews
Patient Access-AmbassadorsCarol Andrews
Patient Access-CC Central RegCarol Andrews
Patient Access-DT Central RegCarol Andrews
Patient Access-Emergency DeptCarol Andrews
Patient Access-PID/Float TeamsCarol Andrews
Patient Access-Pre ServicesCarol Andrews
Patient Educ & Interpreter SvcElizabeth Thorpe
Patient Relations/Guest SvcsCassandra Cleary
Payroll ServicesSamuel Kenyon
Pediatric & Adolescent CenterFelicia Green-Kirkland
Pediatric AdministrationJennifer Gibson-Speicher
Pediatric Surgery ClinicNicole Hanas
Pediatric UrologyRebecca Pesci
Pediatric-Devlpmntl Eval CtrMary Ellen Annesi
PediatricsSuzanne Majewski
Pediatrics - UHCCRebecca Pesci
Pediatrics-GI ClinicNicole Hanas
Peds Nephrology & RheumatologyNicole Hanas
Peds Support PoolRebecca Pesci
Peds-Ctr Dev Behvr & GeneticsNicole Hanas
Perinatal CenterRebecca Pesci
Perioperative Services AdminAnne Snowdon
PharmacologyKatherine Magnarelli
Pharmacy DevelopmentVeronica Farrell
Pharmacy-DTCarli Rainbow
Pharmacy-DT (co-rep)Colleen Colesante
Pharmacy-RetailVeronica Farrell
Phys Plant-ALLNancy Prott
Physical Med & Rehab AdminMary Ann Baker
Physical Med & Rehab ServicesMary Ann Baker
Physical Med & RehabilitationMary Ann Baker
Poison CenterT Michele Caliva
Procedural Float PoolRebecca Pesci
Prof Practice & InnovationRebecca Pesci
Property ManagementRebecca Pesci
PsychiatryLisa Cardella
Psychiatry-Adult ClinicLisa Cardella
Psychiatry-Child ClinicLisa Cardella
Psychiatry-Clinical PsychologyLisa Cardella
Public Hlth & Preventive MedRebecca Pesci
Public RelationsNancy Prott
Quality ServicesBeth Sellers
Radiation OncologyGretchen Dwyer
Radiation Oncology-Cancer CtrGretchen Dwyer
Radiation SafetyRebecca Pesci
RadiologyGina Romero Colombo
Radiology (co-rep)Marlene Hawley
Radiology SciencesGina Romero Colombo
Radiology-AdministrationShantel Henry
Radiology-CTGina Romero Colombo
Radiology-Diag UltrasoundGina Romero Colombo
Radiology-DiagnosticGina Romero Colombo
Radiology-MRIRebecca Pesci
Radiology-Mobile MammographyGina Romero Colombo
Radiology-Nuclear MedicineGina Romero Colombo
ReceivingRebecca Pesci
Record StorageTrymeter Carter
Rehabilitation PsychologyMary Ann Baker
Research AdministrationMichelle Saya
Respiratory Care ServicesJennifer Carey
Risk ManagementShari Perkins
Shared Business & Admin SvcsRebecca Pesci
Social WorkJennifer Kite
Spiritual CareRev Terry Culbertson
Sterile ProcessingRebecca Pesci
Student AffairsTanya Milazzo
Student Affairs-AdmissionsTanya Milazzo
Student Affairs-Financial AidTanya Milazzo
Student Affairs-RegistrarTanya Milazzo
Student Affairs-Student UnionTanya Milazzo
Student Billing & CashieringEmily Pellizzeri
Suny Ctr For Prof DevelopmentKelly Williamson
Suny Ctr For Prof Development (co-rep)Nancy Motondo
Supply Chain OptimizationRebecca Pesci
Surgery (Hospital)Rebecca Pesci
Surgery-Breast CareRebecca Pesci
Surgery-GeneralKim Hanifin
Surgery-Kidney TransplantRebecca Pesci
Surgical Ambulatory CareElizabeth Lasagna
Transplant ClinicAmanda Demperio
Tumor RegistryRebecca Pesci
UHCC - NeurologyRebecca Pesci
UHCC-Family Medicine PBOYowali Singh
Univ/Health System PlanningLauren Winters
University CardiologyRebecca Pesci
University GeriatriciansRebecca Pesci
University PoliceMatthew Portnoy
Upstate ConnectCarol Andrews
Upstate Family MedicineMary Whipple
Upstate FoundationPamela Ward
Upstate Outpatient Surgery CtrRebecca Pesci
Upstate PediatricsRebecca Pesci
Upstate Sleep CenterJennifer Carey
Upstate Triage & Transfer CtrT Michele Caliva
Upstate Univ Med Assoc @ SyrChristine Sauve
Upstate Urology-550 HarrisonSusan Schulze
UrologySusan Schulze
Utilization ManagementAva Sullivan
Value AnalysisRebecca Pesci
Volunteer ServicesKristin Bruce
Women's Health ServicesRebecca Pesci
Women's ImagingRebecca Pesci