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Campaign Co-Chairs and Committee


Campaign Director

Zanette Howe

Zanette Howe
[email protected]
Director for Community Relations and Events
Office of External Relations

Sarah Loguen / Elizabeth Blackwell / Hamilton White Director

Linda Veit

Linda J. Veit, MPH

Assistant Vice President, Community Relations

Campaign Committee

Zanette Howe,
Office of External Relations

Katherine Beissner, PT, PhD
Committee Member 

Tammy Blackburn,
IMT-Hospital Information Systems
Widewaters Liaison

Mark Congel,
IMT-Administrative Info Sys
Committee Member 

Kelly Dolan,
Inpatient Services
Nursing Liaison

Amy Green, 
Research Administration 


Devin Kerr, 
IMT-Educational Communications

Katherine Magnarelli, 
Basic Sciences 

Nancy Prott,
Office of the President
Kickoff Cookoff
Sarah Loguen/Elizabeth Blackwell/Hamilton White

Meghann Sandak,
Chief Development O
United Way of CNY

Sarah Trapani,
Office of the President

Data & Rep. Recruitment