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Community Giving Campaign - Our Community Needs Heroes - Giving Is Your Superpower

Thank you the 1,380 donors who pledged $603,529 to the 2023 Community Giving Campaign.  

. Thank you!  

I'm Ready to Pledge! 2023 Final Donor Report

Our Community is Facing Challenges

Our community faces serious challenges — poverty, addiction, abuse. Local non-profit agencies tackle these issues with compassion, hard work and too-little funding. The financial and societal impact of COVID-19 has had a dire effect on local non-profits. Meager budgets are slashed. Devoted staff are furloughed. Still, the agencies persevere. Food is distributed, children are cared for, and those without homes are given shelter.

Now more than ever, these heroes need our support.

You can choose to support any of thousands of eligible agencies. Check out the lists: the United Way of CNY, statewide (SEFA) funds, funds for Upstate, and other agencies. Find the agencies that are most meaningful to you and donate.

Once a year, Upstate employees are offered an easy way to support the charities we choose through the Community Giving Campaign. We invite you to step forward to help meet this challenge.

Make your pledge today!

Lawrence Chin, MD, Dean, College of Medicine and 2021 Community Giving Campaign Chair