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Inpatient Surgery

If you are having surgery and will then be admitted into the hospital, you are considered an inpatient. You will be instructed when to arrive at the Surgery Center and will be greeted and shown to the area where you will be admitted by your nurse.

After your procedure, you will stay in the Recovery Room for a short period before being brought back to the Surgery Center. For certain procedures, some patients will not go to the Operating and Recovery Rooms, but instead go to the Radiology Department.

  • Your personal items
    You do not need to bring many personal items to the hospital. Essential articles such as toilet accessories, robes, slippers and nightgowns or pajamas are appropriate. Items for personal hygiene, such as a toothbrush and mouthwash, may be brought from home or purchased at the hospital for a small charge.
  • Safeguarding valuable items
    Please safeguard your valuables by leaving them at home. We understand that a valuable piece of jewelry or other personal item may be especially meaningful for sentimental reasons. If you wish to bring such an item, we urge you to ask Patient Access or your nurse to have it stored in the Hospital safe during your stay.
  • Eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures
    Please protect such items as eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures by keeping them in the drawer of your bedside stand when not in use. The hospital cannot assume responsibility for personal property other than items stored in our safe.
  • Checking in
    At the time of your admission, park in the garage and come to the Diagnostic Center entrance, as you did for your pre-admission tests. If you did not have any pre-admission tests, proceed to the Information Desk in the lobby for registration. Otherwise, proceed to "The Surgery Center" for check-in.
  • Discharge
    Your attending physician is the only person with authority to discharge you from the hospital. If you choose to leave before your doctor authorizes you to do so, you must sign a statement assuming full responsibility for your action. Discharge time is 10:00 a.m. daily on all floors The hospital's customary discharge time is 10:00a.m. However, there may be times when, due to medical necessity, you will remain in the hospital a few hours longer. This decision will be based on your individual health care needs.