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Graduate Council


Mark Schmitt, PhD
Dean, College of Graduate Studies


Cherylene Small @ 464-4542
Office of the Dean
College of Graduate Studies
Room 3122, Weiskotten Hall

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology:

Stewart Loh, PhD (Interim Chair)
Patricia Kane, PhD

Cell & Developmental Biology:

Mira Krendel, PhD (Interim Chair)
Christopher Turner, PhD

Microbiology & Immunology:

Stephen Thomas, MD (Chair)
Jennifer Moffat, PhD


Francesca Pignoni, PhD (Chair)


Francesca Pignoni, PhD (Chair)


Richard Wojcikiewicz, PhD (Chair)
Juntao Luo, PhD

MD/PhD Program:

Amit Dhamoon, MD, PhD


Lawrence Chin, MD, Dean, COM
Nicole Morgante, Registrar
Julie White, PhD, Dean, Student Affairs
David Amberg, PhD, Vice President for Research

GFO Officers:

Peter Calvert, PhD, Chair, GFO
Alaji Bah, PhD, Vice Chair, GFO


The Graduate Council shall be advisory to the Dean as follows:

  1. to review/approve proposals submitted by Departmental Chairpersons/Program Directors and/or other members of the Council for the establishment, modification or deletion of courses and programs leading to the doctoral or master's degree;
  2. to recommend, in accordance with Article III, Section 1, those persons who are qualified for membership in the Graduate Faculty Organization, and to annually review the membership list with the purpose of keeping it current in accordance with the provisions of Article III, Section 1;
  3. to establish minimum qualifications and requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies and for admission to candidacy for the doctorate or master's degrees; but this shall not impair the right of individual departments/programs to make additional requirements of applicants for admission to and continuance in the various departments/programs;
  4. to establish rules and procedures governing the student's progress toward the doctorate or master's and to review each student's progress in that regard;
  5. to perform such other duties as may be requested by the Dean in the exercise of his/her administrative responsibilities.

Related Standing Committees/Subcommittees/Ad hoc committees/Task Force: